Sunday, August 18, 2013

everything summer!

So we have had a pretty awesome summer. We've been from California to Wyoming, Idaho to Nevada, and we have loved it. Here is just a quick recap of our adventures!... [Warning: Picture overload!]

Deer Creek Reservoir with Jeff and Lo. We set up our own little day camp, fished, barbecued, swam, and laid out. It was pretty sweet!

Hanging out on the tramp with the sibs on a Sunday afternoon.

Sky taking 1st place in intramurals Division 1 softball. Second year in a row! :)

Visiting northern California for Grandpa Ridley's 80th birthday party.

Camping/fishing/boating at East Canyon Reservoir with my fam. It was a blast!

We traveled up to Rexburg, Idaho to see Shayna in her big dance performance for BYUI's Dance Alliance. She rocked it!

On the way home we stopped and had a BBQ with both mine and Skyler's families. We love hanging out with both our fams together! Our Grandma's loved chattin' about the good ol' days. They are both Idaho girls!

We floated the Provo river one random Saturday with Jeff & Lo.

We went to my family ranch in Afton, Wyoming... my favorite place in the world! We also took a little day trip to Jackson Hole while we were there.

 I spy a moose!

Zip Line!

 About to drop!...

A few days later we headed to Laughlin, Nevada to go boating on Lake Mojave with Sky's fam. It was an awesome trip!

My little sister Chloe got baptized!!

My good childhood friend Colie got married!

Sky opening some birthday presents from my fam.

Driving to church! Squished in the back seat.

And now this picture marks the end of our summer. First practice of fall camp. We have LOVED this summer and now just can't wait for football season to start. GO COUGARS!